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tac light reviewsYou may think of typical flashlights as a great opportunity to stay away from the dark anytime, anywhere. No matter how much of a geek tech you are, a good old fashioned flashlight is certainly a gadget that can pull you out of trouble in the most uncomfortable situations.

Sure, there is always the flash on your mobile phone, but what about the times in which your phone dies or is not in handy? A flashlight will certainly guide your path, help you find your keys inside your big purse or simply make for the best choice whenever you are coming home on a dark night.

Flashlights are also perfect whenever there is a storm or an incident like the power going out and you don’t feel like facing all the darkness on your own.

However, tac lights are a little bit different, meaning that they come with extra functions you can easily benefit from.

The Best Tac Light Reviews – Comparing Chart

Fenix PD35 TAC1000$$★★★★★
Klarus XT12930$★★★★★
Survival Hax1000$★★★★★
Viridian CTL130$$★★★★

What are Tac Lights?

tac lights

Forget your regular pocket flashlight which you can easily misplace in times of need.

Running out of batteries when you need them the most or not offering enough light to guide your path are the main problems of regular flashlights.

Tac lights are slightly different but will certainly make for the perfect addition in your home or in your purse from now on.

They are are specially designed for tactical uses (military, army or police). Numerous tac lights are custom made to be added on a weapon for low-light shooting.

Most of you have seen at least a dozen serials and movies involving secret actions of the police roaming in obscure places only with their flashlights on to guide their way until the bad guy.

They are exactly the thing you need to carry out a gun attack in the middle of the night or in a dark place.

They are also typically smaller than the traditional flashlights but the main feature is that they emit a more powerful light. In addition, they are not made from poor plastic components but from weapon-grade aluminum or other harsh and thick materials to ensure a long lasting durable of the device.

But, although tac lights are generally designed to meet military purposes, you can easily get a hold on one of these and have them guide you whenever you need.

The importance of buying and using a tac light

As previously mentioned tac lights come really in handy whenever chasing the bad guys or joining the special force units for secret missions against the bad guys.

Tac lights are mainly used in self-defense operations because they can easily attached to a shooting gun and increase your chances of success against possible enemies.

However, tac lights are much more convenient for personal use as well, and below you will find a series of the most important reasons why everyone should buy and use a tac light whenever possible. Let’s talk about them first before reading our in-depth reviews of tac lights.

Identifying possible and near threats

Identifying possible and near threats A flashlight used correctly, not necessarily when attached to a gun, really has the ability of pulling you out of trouble and possibly saving your life as well.

Most attackers will use a dark environment to conceal themselves into the shadows and being able to plan a surprise attack. But, with the use of a bright light coming from your own technical flashlight, you are able to identify threats even in the darkest environments and, thus, eliminate the possible advantage that your attacker(s) might have.

Simply facing a powerful light into the main sight or face of your attacker could be enough to scare them away and help you manage back home or to your destination point safe.

Can disorient attackers for a while

disorient attackers

Bright lights are never easy on the eye, no matter who you are and what are your intentions. Simply imagine driving on a dark road with your car just to have someone coming from the opposite directions flashing their powerful car lights in front of your face. Apart from being disturbing, these intense lights can easily scare you away and determine you to get off the road or make an accident. A similar principle applies not only behind the wheels, but in day to day life as well.

Thus, tac lights represent the perfect means to momentarily disorient your possible attacker(s). Pointing out a powerful source of light directly onto your attacker’s eyes can easily scare them away or turning those blind for a moment. You can further use this advantage to run away or fight back in an attempt to win the fight.

Whenever shining your flashlight directly into the face of someone, say your potential stalker or aggressor, it will immediately turn them blind or disorient them for 3-4 seconds, which gives you plenty of time to rethink your strategy and proceed to your further move. However, the best strategy in this type of situations is always running off and asking for professional help.

Can work as an improvised weapon as well

In times of need you will require all the help from your nearby objects in order to get rid of your attacker or flee safely.

They can ease your pain. But, even though most of the flashlight producers advertise their products as being able to break car windows in terms of emergency, there are few to none cases in which this actually happens. Most tac lights may not help you break the window of your car, but this doesn’t mean they are totally pointless.

In fact, the toothed bezel or the serrated one which is featured in almost all tac lights can become an improvised yet efficient weapon whenever you are under attack. This is also one of the best notable features we always mention in our tac light reviews.

After temporarily blinding your attacker with the strong light, you can further use your tac light to reach for his face with the serrated bezel as soon as you can. Apply the hardest kick you can and then run away as fast as possible to get help.

Unfortunately, most airline companies and clubs do not allow their members carrying out tac lights precisely because of their serrated edges that might be used as a weapon.

Luckily, in all other day to day situations you can easily keep a tac light within your reach, especially when traveling alone or wandering through dark alleys.


What should you consider before purchasing a tac light?

Obviously, not all tac lights are the same thus, before purchasing any, you should take into consideration a series of factors in order to optimize your search and find the most suitable item for your own needs and requirements.

Here is a list with the most important factors to guide you through your quest in finding the right tac light. You can also easily see that they are all mentioned in our tac light reviews on this website.

  1. Consider the right material for your tac light: Not all flashlights are made from the same materials and, as previously mentioned, materials are very important in terms of the durability and strength of your item. Thus, if you are looking for a strong and secure tac light you should replace the regular plastic with the ones made from aluminum or anodized aluminum. Although plastic works fine as well, you should opt for aluminum flashlights. Apart from obvious superior strength, the latter also provide improved lighting. In addition, flashlights made from anodized aluminum will prevent the product from scrapes and possible scratches, making it a reliable item even in the most dangerous conditions.
  2. How ergonomic is your flashlight and how much does it weight : Obviously, another important factor we always consider while writing reviews about tac light is the product’s perfect dimensions, including weight. You want to opt for the small and light versions out of a variety of reasons. Lightweight products offer improved usability because they can be easily carried away in bags or even inside your jacket without annoying you when walking or running. Ergonomics are also important, especially if you are looking for a tac light to add to your shooting gun. In this case, choosing the lightest version is a must because it will offer more steadinesses to the upgraded gun and help you see better the enemies.
  3. Choosing the right light source: If you consider purchasing a tac light with standard light bulbs, you should think again. This is literally the worse option available as bulbs can easily burn. Moreover, even the slightest trace of impact can cause them to stop functioning or providing the necessary amount of light needed, leaving you in the hands of your predator or enemy. You should instead opt for LED light bulbs which are ten times more efficient and durable, and will certainly survive almost all types of shocks, no matter their intensity.

Read Our Reviews of The Best Tac Lights

Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tactical Light

This powerful tac light provides over one hour of full and non-interrupted light, as well as over two hours on strobe. It is made from a strong alloy of polymers which makes it shock resistant and quite durable. The product also features an automatic activation with user-defined operating modes, as well as high intensity LED lights with up to 140 lumen light outputs.

Use this product whenever you need it to focus on your main target and not waste precious light on the floors or ceilings. Last but not least, the Viridian CTL light features an ambidextrous activation, extremely useful for left handed persons.


Survival Hax’s Tac Light – High Power Torch Light

Specifically designed to meet the needs of police or military force, this durable tac light also makes the perfect acquisition for self defense.

The main benefit of this product is that it is rechargeable, thus you will never have to worry about buying batteries any longer.

The small dimensions and ergonomic overall design will easily fit in our pocket, bag or traveling bag, while its hard shell is made from a strong aluminum alloy, preventing it from shocks and extreme weather conditions.

The super bright beam of 100 lumens will easily light your way for up to 300 yards, making it perfect for late night walks or missions.


BLAZERAY Brightest Tactical LED Flashlight

This small yet extremely powerful tac light is the perfect addition to your survival/ attacking kit.

The ultra bright beam of over 800 lumens features an adjustable beam distance of up to 500 meters, which is more than you will ever need to feel safe and en guard at all times.

The product also features five different light modes, depending on your necessities (SOS, strobe, low, medium and high).

Due to its powerful strobe feature, it can be successfully used to disorient attackers while the reliable aluminum alloy makes it almost unbreakable and fully functional even on humid weather conditions.


Klarus XT12 Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight Bundle

This kit from Klarus includes everything you need in terms of a tac light. It is fully equipped with high lumens output and military uses. It can also be worn as a keychain or an USB light.

Apply the strong clip-on lanyard and you will never worry about losing your flashlight or not finding it on time to prevent a surprise attack.

Purchase this product on Amazon for around $80 and make sure to benefit from all its unique features.

The most compact, durable and reliable tac light on the market, the Klarus XT 12 is made from strong military grade aluminum for added strength and durability.


Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen CREE LED Tac Light

If you are ever in need of a full kit for your lighter, this is the perfect product for you.

The 1000 lumen CREE LED lights can offer up to 50,000 hours of light while the digitally regulated output is perfect for those who want to maintain the same light intensity.

For around $120 you will receive the whole package, including a battery charger and two separate batteries to be used immediately.


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Tac lights can literally save your life and make the difference between right or wrong on the streets and in secret missions.

Even though you do not work in the army or military field, carrying a tac light around you at all times can prove quite in handy.

Hopefully you have found our Tac Light Reviews helpful.