​Ever since we started working in the industry, we have been a shining beacon of light for flashlight enthusiasts all around the world. Our constant drive to push the price tag down and the quality up has made us the preferred source of lighting solutions for people everywhere. We aim to provide the best service possible at an affordable price! From survival experts and military aficionados to hunters and tech enthusiasts, we aim to offer our clients the best products on the market, along with the best customer support. From the beginning of our company, we have constantly grown, not only as a tac light supplier but also as a team concerned with giving everything we’ve got. Through hard work and with the help of our clients, we have become the best!

Who we are

We are a group of people who believe in excellence; We’re flashlight enthusiasts, military and survival experts who have learned the importance and value of good, quality tac ligh solutions. Our team believes in the importance of first-hand experience with the items that we sell. As a result, we have researched and tested each and every one of our products, pushing them to their limits, in order to be able to give you the amount of assurance you need in order to acquire and use them.We’re people who understand and care about your preferences and who try to offer quality items and quality services!


Flashlights have come a long way in the last dozen years. Our products boast the newest technology available, at affordable prices. Everything from circuitry and materials to LEDs and power sources is cutting edge tech. We have done the research needed in order to provide the newest technology on the market and to insure the satisfaction of our clients. We have the latest tech!


All our products have been tested, by our experts, under different weather conditions and in different environments, ranging from swamps, beaches, deserts and forests. Also, every one of our products is tested according to its manufacturing guarantees. In other words: Everything we sell does what it’s meant and advertised to do!

Customer support

Flashlight and tech experts make up the bulk of our customer support service team and will stand by to help you with any and every question that you might have regarding the specs and the proper functioning of our products. Our customer support service is always prepared to help you with any inquires that you might have.Our priority is to know our lights inside out so you don’t have to.

Feel free to contact us if you’re uncertain about acquiring one of our products and we will do our best to find one that will suit your needs and expectations. We are also always eager to hear from our customers. Please tell us about your experience with our flashlights and any suggestions that you might have regarding either our products or our site.We care about your messages and questions!