Are you looking for the best hunting flashlight?

best hunting flashlightJust as the name itself implies, hunting flashlights are mainly used for hunting.

Some of you may ask the question “Why would you need a flashlight when hunting?” The answer is because hunting is not only a daytime activity. Some hunters hunt at night with the hopes of hunting for a nocturnal animal.

Plus, hunting flashlights usually have other features that make them useful aside from the mere fact that they give light in the dark. Just like daytime hunting, nighttime hunting also requires several hunting equipment and hunting flashlights are one of them.

The Best Hunting Flashlight Picks for 2017

ProductWallet ImpactRating
J5 Tactical$★★★★★
Vizeri LED$$$★★★★★
Vipertek VTS-195$$$★★★★
Refun 600$★★★★★
Outlite 501B$★★★★

The Advantages of Hunting Flashlights

Hunting flashlights are very handy because of a few things they can be used for.

Light for Nighttime Hunting. Obviously, it is very inconvenient to hunt at night, considering the fact that there is no light to guide you as you hunt. Hunting flashlights provide you the opportunity to go hunting even at night because of the bright light they give off.

With this, you will be able to see the way and watch where you are going, see the animals you are hunting for, make accurate targets and avoid pitfalls as well as other dangers lurking in the forest.

The forest is a very dangerous place, especially if you are hunting at night. There may be wild animals that could attack you and if they are nocturnal animals, they have an edge over you because while it is hard for you to see at night in the dark forest, they can see their surroundings as if it is clear as day. There may also be traps that could harm you.

Hunting flashlights are advantageous because they are not only used for lighting purposes, but also as a weapon that you can use to defend yourself from whatever it is that could attack you.

Buying Guide for Hunting Flashlights

Hunting flashlights come in many different models. This is the main reason why people have a hard time choosing what type of hunting flashlight they want to buy.

It can be risky to choose, especially if you are aiming to choose the best one.

If you want the best hunting flashlight, you would need to know what can make a product the best.

To know this, shop for the best hunting flashlights with the following factors in mind.

  1. The best hunting flashlight should be compact, so it can fit inside your pocket perfectly and won’t cause inconvenience to you during hunting.
  2. Hunting flashlights using li-on batteries are more reliable. This is because these batteries are long lasting. Even if you use the flashlight for a long period of time, they do not easily sleep on you.
  3. This is one of the main factors to look for. Choose hunting flashlights that are best when it comes to durability. Hunting is a very active endeavor and your flashlight can be exposed to wear and tear. But, durable hunting flashlights have the ability to withstand whatever wear and tear it meets, whether it is extreme cold, heat, impact or underwater environment.
  4.  If you want the flashlight to be convenient to use at night, you need to consider the quality of light that it produces. Is it bright enough to illuminate the whole surroundings or allow you to see very distant areas and objects?
  5. It is best to choose hunting flashlights that have varied function modes such as zoom options, beam intensity and SOS signal modes. These modes make the use of these flashlights more convenient for your night hunting.
  6. It is also wise to choose a hunting flashlight with a fair price. This means that whether the flashlight is expensive or not, as long as it has all the features that you need for a very convenient night hunting as well as it fits your budget, then it can be a cost-worthy investment.
  7. It also pays when you choose hunting flashlights with several additional features that can also help you have a wonderful night hunting experience. Hunting flashlights with stun gun features, solar batteries, etc. can really be useful.

The Best Hunting Flashlight Reviews – The Top 3 Best Picks

Here are some of the best hunting flashlights right now in the market!

The J5 Tactical V1-PRO – The Best Hunting Flashlight


  • Very handy. It is very small and lightweight so you can carry it no matter where you go without being burdened by its weight.
  • It is a recognized brand. It is a reputable flashlight known for being the best.
  • 300 lumens. With this output, this hunting flashlight is able to shine its light even at a far distance and illuminate the surrounding areas, which is very important when hunting at night.
  • Long Lasting. You only need one AA battery for this flashlight but you are guaranteed to get longer hours of bright light.
  • Zoom features. This hunting flashlight is equipped with a zoom feature. This allows you to focus on far away objects very clearly.

The Vizeri VZ460 Hunting Flashlight


  • Durable and Reliable. No matter what level of abuse this flashlight encounters, you can rely on this to be durable and will still function well.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty. This model is usually offered with a lifetime warranty. You can always have this product checked or fixed for free.
  • Shock-proof. This is very reliable for hunting because no matter how strong the shock or impact it gets, it will never malfunction.
  • This can also withstand being submerged in water.
  • Comes with a lantern mode. This flashlight can be turned into a lantern just to give light to the place while you are not on the move.
  • Zooming features. This flashlight also has zooming features. You can zoom in or zoom out on an object you want to take a closer look at even if it is farther away from you.
  • Flexible power options. When it comes to power source, this model is allowed to use either 3 AAA batteries or an 18650 battery, according to your preference.
  • Resistant to corrosion. Most of the internal parts of this hunting flashlight are gold-plated. They are designed to withstand factors that usually trigger corrosion. This is why the parts of this flashlight never rust even if you submerge it into water.

The Vipertek VTS-195 Hunting Flashlight


  • Stun Gun feature. The best thing about this model is that it is a very potent defense weapon in emergency situations through its stun gun mode. You can use it even if you are not hunting.
  • Comfortable to hold. It is designed to provide comfort to your hands, and prevent rolls and slips, making it comfortable to carry around.
  • Its batteries are rechargeable so anytime you need to power it up, you no longer need to get yourself another set of batteries.

Finding the best hunting flashlight can be quite a challenge even if there are lots of models available nowadays. You would want to make sure that the flashlight you buy won’t fail you especially in times of emergency. You would also want to buy something that is good value for your money.

But as long as you consider the buying guide provided here, study carefully the features of the best hunting flashlight picks this year and as long as you know your priority among these features, finding the best hunting flashlight for your hunting venture in a jiffy is no longer impossible.