With so many options available on the market, how can you make sure you did the right choice? Opt for the new BLAZERAY Brightest Tac Light and read below to see if the product fits your requirements and expectations!

Klarus XT12 - Rechargeable Tac Light Bundle Review


  • Lightweight
  • Strong, durable design made from an aluminum alloy
  • Bright color, easy to find whenever needed
  • USB charger provided, as well as regular battery chargers
  • Feels heavy and sturdy in your hand
  • Can be used on all weather conditions, including on heavy rain and storms
  • Comes with great accessories

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BLAZERAY Brightest Tac Light Review

Product Description

The first thing that strikes when it comes to the new BLAZERAY Brightest Tac Light is its bright red color. Unlike most tac lights which use a black color perfect for camouflage, the BLAZERAY LED flashlight has an intense red design to easily make it stand out and, thus, to be easier to find when looking for.

The beam of this flashlight offers 800 lumens for a total distance of up to 500 meters. In other words, this powerful flashlight is bright enough to lead the way for half a kilometer in front of you, without diminishing its intensity.

The product is made from a reliable and lightweight aluminum alloy with a sleek design which makes it easily stand through difficult weather conditions, including heavy rain, storms and wind.

The flashlight is powered by an 18650 Li-Ion USB rechargeable battery and has a double recharging and working system via three regular AAA batteries. Depending on the working mode and the total consumption of the battery, this tac light can work between 3 and 6 hours, providing high intensity and reliable light whenever, wherever.

Navigate through five different modes for your lighting – from high to medium, low, strobe and SOS easily, with just a touch of a button. Moreover, this flashlight makes for a powerful tool when it comes to becoming a weapon for self defense – the strobe features provide a bright light, sufficient to disorient aggressors and allow you to regroup or ask for help.

The new BLAZERAY Brightest Tac Lights will easily make the perfect addition to your inside and outside walks from now on! The new design is not only strong, but also lightweight enough so that you can carry the flashlight anytime and anywhere you want.

The product represents a must have for all campers, outdoorsmen, sportsmen, active junkies or hunters. Thanks to its durable and sleek design, you can easily carry and use this tac light in any weather condition you want, which is a true asset.

Moreover, by purchasing this high-end product you will also benefit from an easy zoom in/ zoom out feature, depending on your necessities. In order to zoom in all you have to do is extend the head of the flashlight. This way you can focus on specific parts that you want to be bright, while the full zoom out mode offers a diffuse yet still bright light with a wide flood.

Customer reviews

Most customers who purchased this product from Amazon were pleased by the high quality of the flashlight, praising its strong light offered and the easiness of handling. This works wonderful for all nocturnal activities of your pleasure, including jogging or walking your dog. The LED provides an original CREE light which could totally blind you for seconds if not minutes, so customers advise you best not to get the light in your eyes directly.


All in all, if you need a high end tactical flashlight, this product is the perfect choice for you. The bright color makes it easily standing anytime and, thus, easy to find when needed. The bright light will guide your path up to 500 meters, which is more than enough to cover all your preferred outdoor activities safely.

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