You will find a lot of tac lights sold nowadays. This is why, if you want to know the best tac lights to buy, you need to take this buying guide into consideration.

Tac Light Buying Guide

Best Tac Lights

Fenix PD35 TAC1000$$★★★★★
Klarus XT12930$★★★★★
Survival Hax1000$★★★★★
Viridian CTL130$$★★★★

Quality of Light

Good tactical flashlights produce good quality lighting and good quality lighting means it has a bright light output and can really make you see in the dark, even illuminating far objects and the surrounding area. Its light should also be bright enough to blind attackers and be the really effective tactical weapon that it is supposed to be.

Ease of Use

If the flashlight is very complicated to use, it may still not be able to serve its purpose especially in emergency situations. This is why it is important to have a flashlight that is easy to use and you can navigate, change settings and modes easily. In other words, if you want to use the flashlight’s other features such as the beacon, strobe, etc. it should be easy to access.

The size of the Tac Light

The size of the flashlight you are going to buy will depend upon what you are going to use it for and your personal preference. If you will be carrying the flashlight every day and you want a lightweight one, then choose the smaller-sized flashlights. Tactical flashlights can come in different sizes and usually, the more the features of the flashlight is, the bigger it will be. Evaluate your needs and your purpose of why you are buying the device so you can easily decide whether you need a big or a small flashlight.

Quality of Battery

You should also consider the batteries used when buying a tac light. Different batteries have different performance when used in tac light. If some batteries are long lasting, some are not. You can choose flashlights that use alkaline or lithium batteries. But, the best batteries to consider are the rechargeable li-on batteries. If your tactical flashlight comes with rechargeable li-on batteries, they are not only long lasting but they also allow you to charge the flashlight so you don’t need to replace the batteries from time to time.


This is one of the best factors to consider when buying tactical flashlights. Tac lights are made from different types of materials. However, you should buy the flashlights that are made from materials like aluminum and titanium. Titanium offers durability without affecting its weight. But you can also choose flashlights made from lighter materials as long as they are also covered with a rubber case. This is so that their actual casing won’t easily be broken with wear and tear. You can also choose stainless steel flashlights if you don’t mind the heaviness. But if you really want highest durability, titanium flashlights are good if you don’t mind the high price.


Resistance is the ability of the tactical flashlights to withstand wear and tear. The tactical flashlight you buy should first be water-resistant. This means that even if it is submerged in water, on purpose or accidentally, its functions will not be affected and you can still use it well.  Second, the flashlight you should buy must be shock-resistant. Sometimes, you never know whether your flashlight will be exposed to great impact or not because it depends on the situation. However, to be sure that you can maintain the function and quality of the flashlight, buy the one that can withstand shock. And third, the flashlight should be corrosion-resistant. It must not easily rust, especially the essential parts or else rusty parts can cause the flashlight to malfunction.

Survival Features

It pays when you buy the tactical flashlight with cool survival features that can really help you in times of emergency and situations where you need tactical solutions. Flashlights with features such as SOS, strobe features as well as beacon features are very useful. The strobe feature is a blinking light feature that you can use to disorient your attacker. The beacon and the SOS features are designed to flash or blink a very bright light in order to catch the attention of rescuers.


Buy tactical flashlights that go well with your budget and your needs. If you prioritize quality more than the price, then buy the flashlight in terms of its durability and features. But, if you are in a tight budget, you can also find tactical flashlights that are lesser priced. However, they only contain a few features as well as their durability is not as high as the more expensive models. Still, as long as they can serve their purpose and meet your needs, it’s the best choice.