Now, if you are ready to look for a new tac light for your dark alleys and special situations, here is our option: The Survival Hax’s Tac Light.

Survival Hax's Tac Light


  • Small dimensions
  • Suitable for numerous gun types
  • Resistant to shock, water and crash (up to 30 feet)
  • 1000 lumen luminance with a total beam distance of 300 yards
  • Lightweight
  • Both USB and battery rechargers
  • Lasts around 10,000 hours
  • Durable design
  • Convenient price. Buy it for only $40

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Survival Hax’s Tac Light Review

Tac Light Summary

Product Description

Survival Hax's Tac LightGet ready to never need any other tac light in your life again. This is one of the best rechargeable tactical flashlights on the market, with a rechargeable battery of 3.7v 18650.

The small upgraded charger allows you to reuse this flashlight over and over again, which is the product’s main advantage. However, if you prefer the regular battery charger, you will be pleased to know that this product can be also be fueled with 3 AAA standard batteries. Included in the package you are bidding for is also an AAA adapter, for those going old school and wanting to use regular batteries for this flashlight.

The product is both great for indoor and outdoor use, becoming extremely useful in times of need. Whether you are going camping for the weekend, walking on dark alleys on your way back home from work or into the wild and even hunting, this tactical flashlight is everything you need.

Another great advantage of this affordable product is that it only weights one quarter of a pound and is 5 inches long. Due to its small dimensions and lightweight, this tactical flashlight will soon become your number one partner whenever wandering alone.

The battery itself for the High Power Torch Light lasts more than 5 hours on the low mode and over 3 hours on the high mode. In other words, no matter your mission, you will easier get it done on time if based on the functionality and power of this small, yet extremely bright tac light.

However, we suggest you don’t use the entire battery life expectance because a full recharge, no matter your options, will last up to 8 hours. In exchange, you can recharge your flashlight more often to make sure you never run out of power when most needed.

What makes this product great is that it is made from drop resistant aluminum used in aviation, thus the flashlight is both suitable for police and military use. In other words, if you are a police officer in search for a small, yet bright and durable flashlight to attach to your gun, this is the perfect product for the job.

The durability of the High Power Torch Light was tested under extreme conditions, including dropped from a two story window, ran over with a truck and sunk in a bucket of water. Needless to say it passed all tests, thus will make a perfect addition to your military arsenal or for your personal use on lonely dark nights.

The aluminum used for the manufacturing of the product is the same top quality aviation material used for law enforcement and militaries on the field. Its small dimensions permit the product to fit inside any bag, vest or pocket. Also, it can easily adapt to become a useful keychain accessory when needed.

In terms of brightness, this ultra bright LED uses a 10 watt bulb with CREE technology. You can use the flashlight to zoom on specified areas for up to 300 yards of a distance. Turn on the flashlight and you will have to do is to tap the tail button in order to go through its different 5 light modes. The 5 different light modes can be used in specified conditions, depending on your necessity. You can choose from high, medium, low, strobe and SOS lightening.

Switching through different light modes is also very easy – all you have to do is gently touch the green button of the lantern or press the button all the way in, which will automatically determine your flashlight to turn off. Turning back on the flashlight will automatically lead you to your next lightening mode. For instance, if you have your flashlight set on the low mode, after turning it off and on again, it will light in the strobe mode.


The Survival Hax’s Tac Light will certainly make for a great investment in terms of tactical flashlights. Its small dimensions and lightweight design recommend this flashlight for use both by professionals, as well as by amateurs who just want to feel safe whenever walking home or through dark paths.