Urban Survival and Tac Light

What is urban survival? Urban survival means many things to many different people. Many of the ideas of urban survival happen to coincide with popular movies such as Mad Max, Armageddon. These ideas can include an asteroid decimating the world population, massive flooding, nuclear fallout, alien invasion, and of course surviving man eating zombies. While all of these situations vary immensely, there are some common core principles to survival in general, whether it is urban or in the wilderness. This includes having air to breath, being able to regulate core body temperature, water to drink, and food to eat. If you are unable to provide for any of these needs then needless to say survival won’t be for very long.

What would life be like if there were no electricity, no safe water sources, and of course no McDonalds! This is a very possible scenario during disaster. One of the first steps to becoming an urban survivalist is to become more self-reliant. This means the ability to provide the requirements of the body without any outside help. While producing enough air to breath may be considered extreme, the items that are more easily controllable include regulating body temperature, having potable water, and food to eat and a tac light to use. Regulating body temperature is accomplished with clothing, shelter, and fire. Having potable water would include the ability to harvest water and to make questionable water safe for consumption. Food sources would include hunting, fishing, and the ability to grow crops.

These are a lot of responsibilities for one individual. Rather than tackling all these abilities by yourself, why not approach it with friends and family? This could be considered as urban survival within a tribe. Each member of your ‘tribe’ could have a specific responsibility. Make sure you assign responsibilities appropriately, you probably will not want to leave your four year old child in charge of collecting the food. You may want them to be in charge of what toys they bring in their emergency pack. Toys you say? Why would I include that in an emergency kit? While this isn’t securing shelter for the tribe to live in, this is still a very important responsibility. During an emergency, children in general may not understand exactly what is happening. They may get restless and bored which could lead to trouble. Just having the peace and mind of knowing that your children are safe may be very comforting. If your children are safe and occupied, this will also allow yourself and others to focus on other tasks instead of having to watch the children constantly.

There are other things to consider as well. Members of your tribe may have special needs. This could include any medications, special diets, or medical supplies. Morale is another important issue, during a crisis, the world as they know it may have just changed dramatically. Any semblance of life prior to the crisis will help ease everyones nerves while they adjust to the situation. This may be something as simple as a candy bar or deck of playing cards.

There may be friends or family’ that do not feel disaster preparation is necessary. The mere thought of ‘urban survival’ may be considered as paranoia. This is understandable since disaster scenarios do not typically happen to them on a regular basis. They will continue to live their life based on their beliefs. More importantly, you have to be able to take care of yourself. If you are unable to take care of yourself, chances are you won’t be able to take care of others. Your urban survival tribe is only as strong as the weakest link. Be sure that the weakest link in your tribe is not you.

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