How to use Tac Light for Self-Defense

tac light for self defenseRemember that tac lights are designed mainly for tactical purposes. Now, if you are just an ordinary individual but you are convinced of the handiness of tac light to your daily life, don’t think that you don’t need to know how these flashlights are used anymore.

Take note that you never know when you will need tactical solutions to get out of a certain situation you are in. Putting it simply, you do not have to be a military official, a police officer, etc. in order to know how to use tactical flashlights completely. Sometimes, unexpected situations that threaten your safety and your life could come no matter how you are careful in your own way.

Now, if you have a tact light and you have no idea how to use it for defense purposes, you will still be a helpless victim.

How to use Tact Light for Self-Defense

How to Use a Tac Light with a Weapon

Naturally, if your house is under attack and you have a gun with you, ready to defend yourself in case your attacker finds you, a tactical flashlight can also be useful so you can see where your attacker is.

As long as you know how to hold a flashlight with your gun, you will have an edge over your attacker. There are 3 common techniques you can apply.

The Neck Index Hold

Place the hand holding your flashlight near your cheek. This allows you to use the flashlight as your eyes while you extend your arms with the gun forward. You will be able to see the attacker and make an offense.

However, be careful because if the attacker is quicker in using his weapon than you, he might shoot at you first and eventually, he will shoot at where the light comes from. This means that the bullet is likely to hit your head, face, eyes, and neck areas.

The FBI Method

Hold the flashlight, but do not place it near your body. Instead, make sure the light flashes away from your body but illuminating enough for you to see the attacker.

This way, if your attacker sees the light and aims at it, you won’t be hit badly and you can grab this chance to shoot at your attacker successfully.

The Harries Hold

This is also a very common method to hold the tactical flashlight with your gun. This is done by keeping both your hands together, the one holding the gun and the other one holding the flashlight.

Usually, your hands are in a crossed position and extended forward so you can light up the area, see your attacker but your body is at a distance from your light and the gun.

How to Use a Tactical Flashlight for Defense without a Gun

Not all people know how to use a gun or defend themselves with a gun. In fact, not all people own a gun. Still, even if others have a gun, not all emergency situations are in favor of them, especially if you are a girl, you are alone and you have a lot of attackers. So, in fairness to those who have no gun, you can still use your tactical flashlight for defense purposes. You just have to know how.

The Scare Method

You don’t have a gun, but you can make intruders flee from you with only a tactical flashlight in hand. This is through the scare method wherein you simply flash a very bright light on the intruder, enough for you to identify the person. Most often, when bright lights are flashed on them, intruders have no choice but to flee.

The Disorientation Method

Tactical flashlights have strobe features. When the strobe feature is activated, fast blinking bright lights can be shown onto your attackers. This will confuse them and even blind them momentarily. This will be your chance to sneak out and run away from them.

Stun Method

For some tac lights that come with stun gun features and modes, you can simply activate the stun gun feature of your flashlight and when the attacker gets near, you can stun him with it. This way, you can find the time to escape.

Top Suggested Tac Light for You

The Streamlight Pro Tac 88040


  • Extreme brightness that makes it a good device for the wilderness. This is owing to its C4 LED technology.
  • Great price for the quality you get.



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The Surefire G2X


  • It’s a very reputable brand of tactical flashlight.
  • It comes with a compact and convenient size. It’s not a burden carrying it anywhere.
  • It is made with very durable materials such as the anodize bezel. It doesn’t easily break and it makes a very potent self-defense weapon.


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The Solaray Pro ZX-2


  • Maximum of 1200 lumens. This makes this flashlight flash ultra-bright lights, making it a reliable device.
  • Rechargeable Batteries. You don’t need to spend for the battery because you can simply charge them.



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You never know when you will face an emergency or when you will face situations where your life is at risk from the hands of people with bad intentions.

And since there is no certainty that you will be safe all the time, it pays when you are prepared.

And in the name of preparedness, things like tac lights can really come in handy and a very good addition to your collection.

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