Read below to find about the amazing Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tac Light and see if it fits your desires and wishes!

Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tac Light

Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tac Light

  • Fits numerous weapons, no matter their size or caliber
  • Compact size by comparison to other similar weapon lights
  • Easy to install on almost all devices. Complete installation process doesn’t last more than 5 minutes, even if you are not fully experienced in the field
  • Extremely intense brightness. It is less probable to find a better brightness on a tac light within this price range
  • Push-button activation makes the handling process easy and trustworthy

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Viridian CTL Tac Light Review

Ever wondered why so many people started carrying out tac light with them everywhere?

They may not be the most fashionable items to hold on to, but they are extremely reliable in doubtful conditions and weird environments.

Assuming every one of us has at least once passed by a dark alley on their way back home or out, tactical flashlights represent a good method to guide the way and keep you safe in the same time.

A tac light is the one specifically designed for tactical (military or police) use.

Unlike traditional flashlights, the tactical ones emit a much brighter light for a longer period of time and also have the possibility of being attached to guns whenever you are on a secret mission or a police assignment.

Although primarily designed for use in the combat environments and during police or army missions, tactical flashlights can easily become a daily and personal defense weapon or simply a useful tool to keep in handy whenever walking alone during the night.

The good news is that more and more people have started to understand the necessity of carrying these small devices with them everywhere, while the bad news is that, with a pretty large market, it is hard to find the perfect tactical flashlight to suit your necessities.

Product Description

Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tac LightThis is one of the best tactical flashlights you ever want to attach to your weapon.

It works perfect with 9mm weapons as well as with larger ones.

Avoid going blind on missions ever again without this amazingly fit and lightweight product that can be easily attached to your weapon of choice rapidly and without too much effort.

The battery life of the new Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tactical Light is over one hour on constant and two hours on strobe, which will give you enough autonomy to face most of your missions and assignments, in all weather conditions and in all environments.

The product is made from a high strength Zytel polymer which will resist to shocks quite well, making it indispensable for all dark missions or in shadowy environments.

Unlike many other tactical flashlights, the one manufactured by Viridian will provide a CREE LED with around 140 lumen light output. In other words, the light emitted by this flashlight is very bright and powerful, sufficient to blind any adversaries or suspects during missions.

Activating this flashlight is simple as well – it features an automatic activation with user-defined operating modes and ECR

Another great feature that not many products in this area have is the radiance combat optics system. It basically provides additional light output wherever needed, meaning it will easily target your suspects without spending additional light for the floors or ceiling where no threats usually hide.

This tac light also features a universal mounting system with three modular rail sets included, making its installation on almost all shooting devices extremely easy and fast.

Other features of this product include an ambidextrous activation and easy custom operating modes for the strobe and light output, determining the device to be welcoming both left-handed and right-handed persons.

It is made out of 6061 aircraft grade hard-anodized aluminum, making it one of the hardest and most durable devices in the market of tac flashlights. Last but not least, this flashlight offers 60 straight minutes of constant tactical lights for those who need it

What do customers think?

Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tac LightA quick glance on the Amazon’s page for this product and you will immediately notice all the good reviews this product has. Most persons who purchased the product are professional combaters or soldiers or policemen who constantly require the aid of a good tactical flashlight during their missions. And what better flashlight to rely on if not the new Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tac Light?

Customers who bought and reviewed the product praise the fact that this particular tac flashlight goes well with all railed guns due to the three different sized rail adaptors the product is equipped with.

It is perfect for small subcompact guns as well as for larger weapons too, depending on your need.

The main reasons why buyers would recommend this flashlight are its reduced weight and the over 140 lumens providing a truly bright and intense light, sufficient to blind attackers or suspects and fight back.

As one user puts it, this particular tac light comes equipped with everything you may need for mounting with several options of placement. Although doesn’t fit perfectly on all shapes and sizes of guns, it will still provide a trustworthy and intense light for a long period of time.


This Viridian CTL Universal Compact Tac Light makes for the perfect addition to your small or big gun. It will become a trustworthy ally on missions and thanks to its intense brightness none of your missions will be sketchy or dodgy anymore. The brightness lasts for more than 500 feet while providing 60 full minutes of constant tac light, depending on your needs. This is more than sufficient to solve all your missions without having to recharge the light.